Client: GBN


“We are really pleased with our website which has been performing very strongly for us since launch.  The site is well planned, customer friendly and has a very professional look and feel which we are very happy with. Ann and the team helped us devise what we needed our website to do, helped us to select the best development team and produced all the content for the site managing the process throughout.  We are now getting a significant level of enquiries from the site which is a great result and we have received lots of positive feedback from customers on how easy the website is to use and how informative it is.”


GBN Services is one of the south east’s largest waste management and skip companies.  Between 2005 and 2013 they achieved significant growth through the acquisition of 9 other independent companies each with their own branding. In 2013 GBN approach Honeymaker to help develop a new website that would more accurately reflect the size and service provision of the organisation as well as ensure that the website would perform effectively on search engines and provide an easy to use platform for clients looking to get quotes.


Honeymaker worked closely with the GBN team to help capture and understand the full range of services offered, how they needed to be targeted and what were the key outcomes that the website needed to deliver.   We researched existing industry websites to assess best practice and then developed a website brief. We managed the outsourcing and selection process for website developers and managed this relationship through to launch. We devised an appropriate website map, detailed the functionality, produced all the written content and ensured that user experience was positive.  Working with commercial photographer Stephen Pover we directed the photographic requirements to help present a professional and consistent finish.


GBN have a highly effective and customer friendly website that has boosted their business significantly. The company has seen a year on year increase in the number of unique site visitors, time spent on site and business enquiries.  The company was able to reduce spending in other areas of the online advertising because the optimized website is performing so effectively.

Honeymaker Services Provided

  • Website planning and brief development
  • Market research
  • Website mapping
  • Copy writing, search engine optimised copy
  • Management of commercial photography
  • Design and development management