Client: PAL Partnership Accreditations for Landlords Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (WHBC)


“It was a pleasure working with Ann and the Honeymaker team for our rebranding project. Ann clearly understood our requirements and consulted with us throughout the process to ensure we were happy with the outcomes at each stage. Ann and the team brought fresh perspectives to our project and helped us consolidate our ideas into an exciting rebranded scheme, with new resources and communication material. Overall, they delivered an efficient and professional service and we are very pleased with the end result. I highly recommend Ann to anyone looking to freshen up their brand and engage with a wider target audience” … Ellen Gava  Landlord Accreditation Manager at WHBC


The PAL team approached Honeymaker to review their Landlord Accreditation scheme. It had been launched for a few years and whilst it had some level of success it was felt that much greater success in terms of engagement and sign ups could be achieved.



Initial research was undertaken into the scheme and how it operated including interviews with key staff.  An initial overview was provided to the PAL team which detailed areas needing reviewing or updating. Alongside this, a costed activity plan of work that would need to be undertaken was provided, this plan of action was approved.  Wider research was then commenced with many of the staff, stakeholders and end users of the service interviewed, this provided a complete picture of how the scheme was perceived and operated. In addition to this a broader piece of research into other similar schemes was carried out to inform an understanding of what factors influenced successful engagement.


Post research, a series of recommendations were made about restructuring and rebranding the service, these were warmly received by both the PAL team and other stakeholders.  Honeymaker then worked very closely with the PAL team to help devise and deliver the required changes. This included capturing fully how the scheme would operate and how other stakeholders would be more involved. It also included a complete brand refresh with full production of all new communication and marketing materials.  Working very closely with we helped develop the new website and provided all the required content.

Honeymaker Services Provided

  • Market, stakeholder and staff interview and research
  • Competitor research
  • Service analysis and restructure
  • Rebranding – design and brand guidelines
  • Marketing communications – full plan and implementation support
  • Marketing materials, production and design guidance – on and offline
  • Stakeholder meetings – presenting scheme to end users and other stakeholders
  • The newly devised scheme was successfully launched in July 2015 at a very well attended event. Honeymaker remains in contact with the PAL scheme to provide any support needed.