Parrhesian website home page

Client: Parrhesian

Development of a new website
for this boutique consultancy with a difference 


Parrhesian is a boutique consultancy team, expertly delivering purposeful, sustainable and measurable transformations in organisational culture and productivity across the globe. With a Dutch HQ but global reach, Parrhesian needed to develop a new website that would truly reflect their unique market proposition and translate their core values to a hard-to-reach audience.

Because the organisation is, in their own words, “not like everyone else” and are market leaders in their field of thought and service it was critical that brand was carefully reflected in the design, content and usability of the website.¬† The website is live but is under constant development to support their growth.


Working closely with Caitlin and Doc and Tee web development, a full brief was developed that scoped fully the target market, their key concerns and considerations, to ensure that a targeted and concise message could be delivered.

The design met the requirement to translate the brand visually whilst engaging the audience with a message that would resonate immediately with their business need.


The Parrhesian team were delighted with the new website and the presence this provided them, the project was delivered on a tight time frame which helped the team meet their project deadlines. Honeymaker is continuing to work with Parrhesian to further refine and grow the website, their brand presence in the UK and their wider marketing strategy.

Honeymaker Services Provided

  • Website brief preparation
  • Target market profile development
  • Website plan and maps
  • Website copy creation and development
  • Image selection
  • Project delivery
  • Hosting and launch
  • Social media management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand development and graphic design