Seagulls in Leeds reprocesses on average 200 tonnes of reusable paint per year


Back in February 2020 I was asked to speak at a Workplace Trends Event focusing on the Climate Change Emergency, which featured a fantastic line up of highly experienced and knowledgeable experts.

My presentation was to be on the topic of “cost effective reuse and refurbishment for sustainable workplaces”. This topic was highly relevant to my experience, as moving and changing the workplace represents a strategic opportunity for organisations to take positive actions towards ambitious carbon reduction targets.

I was there to talk about the practical ways that organisations can achieve greater sustainability through changing their approach to sourcing products and services, and I was able to provide examples of outstanding practice which yielded some truly remarkable results.

Highlighting the market-leading reuse work of my client Crown Workspace (previously Premier Sustain) in this area, I also shared examples of other service providers who are helping make reuse business as usual.

A video of my presentation:

The Workplace Trends event was captured recently in FMJ Magazine.

I am still having productive discussions with organisations seeking change in their business practices, in particular with those seeking to move their organisations to more sustainable or circular business methods.

If you are interested in the topic of reuse, particularly in relation the workplace, please reach out for a chat